Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So I begin...

A week ago someone asked if I can draw.
I told them I could - what did they need.
So I made an attempt and they liked it.

Then someone else asked if I can do a caricature.
I told them I could and gave them my sketch.
They also liked it.

So it begins... again...

The seed was planted a long time ago
drawing faces from magazines
and using crayons to add color.

I painted in high school
an escape into a land
of my creation
instead of the one I was living.

Awards didn't mean much
I saw so many much better than me.
And still do - but there is something inside
wanting a voice
needing a place to be seen.

I went to college and studied art.
A BFA in Graphic Design
Illustration left behind as unsafe and unpaying...

Now I am a graphic designer
and my heart longs for something more.
A challenge.
To create my own world again.

So it begins.


JaundiceJames said...

There once was a girl with a crayon
who found a web page she could play on.

She liked to eat paste and filled up her face,
until she had a big butt she could lay on.

He-he. -JJ

binagarry said...

that is funny!