Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Face too

Happy New Year!

Here is my illustration for Feb for SMA.
Pantone Markers on paper.

I think they style is good but there is something wrong with her eyes.... And there was in the photo I drew from.
It has been fun to get back into drawing people. When I was in high school I would tear faces from magazines and draw them. Good practice.


Lori said...

How you do this with markers is just amazing to me! Art teacher comment: the space between the eyes is usually equal to the width of one eye. I couldn't tell if you knew what was wrong with the eyes already (if so, I apologize for acting like a know-it-all) or were going through that "it looks funny but I'm not sure why" experience that we've all been through. Very cool!

binagarry said...

ooooh. thanks - I know that but it's amazing what you don't think about when in the middle of it!

Always love the tips!