Thursday, January 05, 2006

Like a Light bulb

Yesterday while running out the back door with my arms filled with breakfast, lunch and keys with out a bag, I push the button to open the garage door. The overhead light flickers and burns out. Mental note made as I dash off to work, late as usual.

I walk into work set down my load and switch on the lamp by my computer. The bulb burns out.

I mention it to a friend at work and we laugh about all the bad metaphors rumbling around in my brain.

I go about my day with out further light bulb events.

When I arrive home in darkness, I go in the house arms loaded as much as they were when I walked out in the morning. I have bags but of corse am not able to find one anywhere. I set all of my stuff down on the kitchen table and pet the sleepy eyed dog who desperately wants to go out. I hit the light switch on the porch and guess what? It doesn't even flicker but just doesn't turn on.

Super power of the day... Able to knock out a light bulb in a single switch.
Maybe there is more. But to say it out-loud will only make it real, so for now I will see it as it was - I should work for the light bulb makers - I am keeping them in business!

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