Thursday, June 01, 2006

Search for Mud

Yellowstone "Girl" Road Trip.
Mother's Day Weekend/Jamie's B-day

How to have a cool road trip in only 4 days!

Step 1:
Find transportation.
A wood only truck...I don't know why but here it is...

Step 2:
Be prepared.

Step 3:
Get plenty of rest.

Step 4:
Carefully choose your group.
Jamie, Me and Mom!

Step 5:
Find a really cool place to stay.
Jamie's aunt Dale and uncle Bill's B&B (
It is beautiful there - love the wrap around porch. When can I move in?

Step 6:
Find new friends along the way.

Get close, but not too close...

Step 7:
See things that are famous.

Step 8:
See things that are beautiful.

Step 9:
Check out the local real estate.
And so many places with weird names...Wapiti Wiener Works...(I wonder if this place is for sale?)

Step 10:
Don't be afraid to get dirty.
My favorate - thick bubbly mud!

Step 11:
Make sure you bring a great friend to share the journey.


1 comment:

nancy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the photos! Nothing like good road trip photos! Great to see you last night and thanks for everything. And one more "cheers!" to the fact that Quark caught on to what we all know already - you're quite the catch!