Wednesday, April 25, 2007


32 days (ish) til baby.

It has been a wild ride. I found out I was prego about one week before I left for India. I was scared. Couldn't take the malaria medication so I wore long sleeves and bug spray obsessivly. I was worried about being in another country but then remembered that India is one of the most populated countries in the world so it must be somewhat safe!

I got sick the second week of my journey. The smells of India were amplified with my newly forming hormones. I lost some weight from lack of eating (12 pounds). So I think after the baby comes, I should go back to loose the baby weight, HA!
It was a beautiful trip. The taj was great. Work was great. It was a great adventure full of things I have never seen before. I have learned to be greatful for all the things we have here. Basic needs, sanitation, trash pickup etc.

But we are doing well. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride with information overload. I am a worrier and it was a bad idea to start reading all the things that could go wrong... and I am sure glad you get 9 months to get used to this life changing adventure!

I am one month out. A nursery is together and filling up with things for this new person joining our family. It is happening. I am going to be a mom.

Kirk is going to stay home with the baby and go back to school to get his MBA. Hopefully he will find his passion and then I will get to stay home with the second kid and go back to school!

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