Tuesday, May 15, 2007

38.325 weeks and counting

Sunday was mothers day.
I was hoping to become a mother. No such luck.
I spent the day having little practice contractions. Hoping they would become the real thing.

Kirk gave me a card that said Mom on it - I thought it was for my mom... Still not used to that name. I wonder when that will change. Probably like when you change your name and sign the wrong name for so long until one day it clicks.

People keep asking if i am nervous. I was... and still am in little waves. Mostly I want my body back. I want my hormones to stabilize. These last few weeks are exciting and exhausting. And my brain is leaking, I swear. I am so ready to have my brain back. I can't tell if it is lack of sleep or the baby but either way it is worse than usual.

Just last week I had a brain loss moment that actually turned out really well and renewed my faith in strangers.

I was filling up my gas tank the other day and left my wallet on top of the car. Totally forgot. Didn't realize even after I got home. I walked the dog. When we returned someone left a note on the garage that they had my wallet and to call them. So I did. They offered to come back to the house and drop it off.

Within 5 minutes they were back. A wonderful woman brought my wallet to the door. They had seen the wallet in the major intersection a block from the house. They went back, into traffic and got it. Found my address and came to the house. They were on the way home from working out. The woman is a nurse. Saw how pregnant I am and asked where I was having the baby. She works at the hospital in the ER. I asked her if I could give her something for all her trouble, flowers, anything. And since I never cry.. I got a bit misty when she said no. She gave me a hug and was on her way. I am so grateful to them. My stress level would have been through the roof if my wallet didn't appear.

Anyway - here's to the strangers that help out even when no one is looking. It means the world to those of us you help along the way. Pregnant or not.

So thanks and I know that Karma is smiling on them!

Now lets hope for a birth in my near future!!!!!

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