Monday, May 07, 2007

Off Limits

I am 37 weeks pregnant today. Time is now calculated in weeks, and will be for the next few years. It is the hip and trendy parent thing - a new parental vocabulary. I might even start doing all time in weeks... although that is a lot of math.

As I look back on this adventure of growing a large moving belly- they tell me there is a baby in there but it feels rather alien like- I think about all the crap that they tell you is off limits. Don't eat soft cheese, don't sleep on your back, don't drink, don't eat yellow snow... etc. It can be pretty overwhelming in the beginning. But I reached a point where it wasn't worth it any more. I have had blue cheese and I have had some wine. And if my baby comes out with 4 eyes and a scales, I don't think these things made her that way.

The other thing that pregnancy brings are some strange new "friends". People feel that they can touch your belly - not thinking that it is you but your baby. I have been fortunate - everyone asks before coping a feel. But I must say I have had some odd conversations with people I never thought I would.

For instance, I walked into the kitchen at work - something I do every two hours these days - for water or food or both. Wait I need to back up - I work for a software company with 95% men (maybe more) who are all great guys - many with families. Okay so I walk into the kitchen and Dan is there chatting with another guy. I smile. Dan smiles and in a very friendly voice says "So do you pee when you sneeze yet?" Now I don't know Dan very well. We have chatted a few times about work but mostly it has been rather unmemorable office chat and the occasional discussion about babies and his family. I didn't know what to say. That was one I hadn't heard and smiled in response. I muttered something like - no I haven't had that pleasure yet... and the guy he was with looked at Dan sort of strangely. I laughed it off and shook my head not really knowing where to put this bit of information. Dan went on to tell me about how this happened to his wife and that I should expect it! I can't wait to meet Dan's wife at the BBQ. I am sure she would be thrilled to know that her husband has such a sharing attitude. Advice comes from everywhere and nothing is off limits when you are pregnant. I find that it is best to nod and smile and let these little gems just bounce off of you. For the record, I still don't pee when I sneeze. Kegles are a girls best friend. (See you even blogg about kegles - it must be in the hormones)

Many a stranger asks when I am due. Once they were sure I was prego and not just putting on the pounds. It is like a switch. The "between" stage where I felt really fat and looked really fat and people just thought I was fat until one day when, WOW I am going to explode. I never understood pregnancy clothes-with the boob and belly divider seam-until I reached the "between" stage. The stage where you want people who are looking at you to ask when you are due because then you know they aren't thinking you are fat. That is where these clothes come in handy. You wear the boob divider shirts to look pregnant. It is a silly self esteem issue. But it sure does help...(so I wonder why women who aren't prego wear them- ah another fashion topic and I will probably be guilty of wearing them at some point...)

So far pregnancy has lead to many new adventures in my life - new topics of conversation, the wish that there were other things to talk about, and new people to talk with. Pregnancy is a great ice breaker. And I must say - it has given me a new appreciation for some types of fashion that I never knew were so good. And really, nothing is off limits.

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j-me said...

I want that baby to get here so I can meet her! I wait by the phone for the call! Also I am glad you are back to blogging because I like to read it while I am at work... not working.