Wednesday, August 29, 2007

End of August

Hi -

A year has gone since I posted my goals for the year...
30 was a good year - lots of activity and a big change.

Here is my list... now I need to create a new list...

1. Finish Tri for the Cure
(okay this one is tomorrow but it is a big one!!!!!)
DONE. I had visions of doing this year's race... that vision was gone about half way through my pregnancy.

2. Draw at least once a week. Right now it is more like once a month for my deadline project...
Illustration Friday would be good.
Still not doing this as much as I should. But I have a sketch book and have been doing more doodling after Mira goes to sleep.

3. Love what I do - so far so good, it is a great job and I am happy!! I know I have said before but it is amazing how to love your job seeps into everything I do. i am happy when I come home, and it is just really good!
The job is good... but there is part of me that longs to be home and watch my daughter grow. Dad gets this job and I think he loves it and I am happy.

4. Don't be so hard on yourself.
I continue to try...

5. Take mom to Europe.
My mom put me through college without any student loans. She worked weekends so I would be debt free out of school. She worked those weekends for 5 years. I want to give her something that she will remember forever. She went to Europe when I was in school with my family, I didn't get to go because of school, but she loved the trip and i want to take her on another trip anywhere she wants to go. So hopefully we will figure it out and get to go this year!
Welp - not yet, but I am saving up.

6. Get a passport and use it this year.
(I am going to India in 8 weeks - more on this in another entry)
Done. Went to India 2 months prego...

7. Become a morning person.
Well, I have been awake since 6:30.
This is happening because I am taking lightrail to work and have early morning meetings.
Done. Mira has made this happen more and more.

8. Organize my studio.
Ah what a mess it is. No wonder I don't do much down here...
Ummm - well it is better...

9. Don't' forget to breathe.
Breathe yeah.

10. Do more yoga.
There is a yoga studio behind my office - I could go there and see if I like it.
The yoga I was doing scares me because my car got broken into. Not a good way to relax.
about 1x a week, but life is a bit more challenging right now.

11. Call my friends more - hang out with like minded people.
Still need to get better.

12. Journal more.
Morning pages are good.
Yeah right...

13. Don't be afraid of creating new things. Even if it is ugly - at least it is out of your system!!!!
Did a painting last weekend...

14. Paint the bedroom. It will be green - asparagus!

15. Hang family pictures. I have many but the frames/ sizes need to change...

16. Make cards instead of buying them.
Yeah - good one to start this year.

17. Get in better shape. Keep working out.

18. Learn something new this year.

19. Grow a family.
Done. Added one new member.

20. Get organized with the paperwork around here... ahhhh I am drowning in a sea of old bills and things I don't need.
Yeah still blub blub...

21. Take time for myself once a month.
Good idea...

22. Stick to the budget... Well, create a budget and then stick to it.

23. Sew something fun.
Ummm working on a few things.

24. Scrapbook the wedding stuff. We are supposed to scrapbook here once a month - hasn't happened in a while but it will be coming back!
Still need to do this.

25. Walk the dog 3 times a week.
how about 1 time a week?

26. Learn my "style" of art.
still exploring

27. Finish things that I start... like the quilt I have to finish.
done - started another quilt I have to finish.

28. Take some classes. I want to do yoga or art at the student's league.
yeah - need to do this again too...

29. Volunteer for 3 things this year.
(last year I did 2 events, help kids buy school clothes at Mervyns and the Art Student's league summer art)
This year I would love to do habitat for humanity and Thanksgiving soup kitchen and something else...
yeah didn't give back last year...

30. Create a website - I bought the domain... now I just need to get the website started.
I thought it would be fun to have an event calendar - so we know what everyone is up to for the up coming months.
Ah dreams...

Okay, so here is 31... some are repeats, but try again...

1. Do a Triathlon.
2. Draw, paint, create something new every week even if it is a doodle.
3. Date night once a month.
4. Take a real vacation with Kirk.
5. Put in hardwood floors on main level. Save up.
6. Read at least one book each month and update.
7. Be present for Mira - she will grow so fast. I want to enjoy every minute.
8. Yoga 3x a week.
9. Hang with my peeps at least 1x a month.
10. Find some other working moms...
11. Be positive.
12. Volunteer for something.
13. Scrapbook. Just start with one page...
14. Finish Katie's quilt by October.
15. Plant a tree for Mira
16. Lose the baby weight.
17. Create a savings plan. Save for vacation, floors, fun...
18. Update my Blogg more.
19. Finish mural in bathroom
20. Tile bathroom floors.
21. Be aware of wonder.
22. Do some landscaping.
23. Send christmas cards.
24. take artful pictures of Mira
25. Visit Jamie and James 4x this year.
26. Keep updating Mira's pictures for the family.
27. Be greatful for all I have.
28. Spend quality time with family.
29. Play with Rocket.
30. Play with Mira.
31. Don't grow up.

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