Friday, May 09, 2008

Getting the ugly out

so I am drawing like a fiend...
I am taking light rail to work and drawing the people - they ones that sit far enough away not to notice. The ones that are close, well, they pretend not to notice me.

getting the ugly out. trying to figure out who I am as an artist. I copy, I research, I am searching for my visible. I love the quote, "make visible that which without you might never have been seen." so now I have to figure out what that is.

so I begin with a single step. wanting to run. I am learning a lot from my daughter. she can get around by crawling (not that learning to crawl was easy) but the urge to walk is strong. Not always, when she is tired or in a hurry she does what she knows, crawling, but in those well rested, well fed moments she is brave. she reaches out and tries something she has never done before to stand on her own - even if it is for a moment and then she falls to her knees. I am learning a lot from my daughter.

I am watching others, looking at lots of work... loving I have one of his prints. and i look at it every day. I look online and want to know what makes others take on this selfish task of creating art. Why do I do it? Why do I want to make things that others will enjoy?

ah more for another post I suppose.

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TriTurtL said...

Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit here... But I think that I can make the comparison... You look at my athleticism, in the same way I look at your artistic skills. I don't necessarily think of myself as a good athlete, but I try, and other people think I am... You don't necessarily give yourself enough artistic credit... And there are those of us that attempt, but can never be what you are... I completely envy your natural ability (albeit, you practice... I know this...) but I think you're amazing. You're the real deal, and I look up to you more than you'll ever know.