Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perfect day for a painting

I played hooky today to paint.

I took a painting class from a really neat lady, Victoria Kwasinski.
We saw her paintings at a First Friday a few months ago and I loved her stuff so much, I looked her up and found out she teaches classes (and she is REALLY GREAT at it).
I think it is so powerful to learn from someone when you like their work.

I took an abstract painting class from her today.
She showed us how she paints, just jumps in and does it... very hard for me,
but I did it today just paint on cavas - no drawing, no plan...
and this is what happened.

The rest of my day, I have seen colors brighter and trees and everything has a richer feel.
Being in your right brain is so much fun.
I love to paint and this was sure a fun way to do it.
I learned some great things today.
I can't wait to do another... unfortunately it will be a while.
I will be taking a computer science class this summer... all time will be going to that.
Who knows, maybe the next painting will be full of 1 and 0...

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j-me said...

This is beautiful! It reminds me of breakfast... I admire you for doing all the art you do... even if it is hard to find the time YOU DO IT! You are an inspiration to me :-)