Thursday, November 12, 2009

mushy trees.....

more trees...
my photography isn't so good
but the glaze is sure fun

12" x 12"
acrylic and ink on board

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JaundiceJames said...

Wow! Really nice! Reminds me of my favorite season, Fall. It makes me feel really good because of that.

But, actually, this time, I'm SUPER impressed with your TECHNIQUE! Usually I talk about what your work makes me FEEL (and I get a lot of that this time) but this time I gotta say that it's a really BEAUTIFUL painting! The WORK is really GOOD!

Especially the background. For some reason, the texture and technique of that background is really stunning.

This is easily the best LOOKING painting I've ever seen of yours.

This is really quite a jump for you. You must have been working behind the scenes and not sharing some stuff. Because this is a GIANT step from some of the experimentations I've seen from you.

I want to own this one too. How big is it?