Tuesday, November 03, 2009

portrait of a stranger

In all my travels on the train to and from work in the recent past,
I have been drawing people.
I probably could fill a sketchbook with all the faces I have collected.

But I paint the trees.
Trees are safe.
I can decorate my house with trees and chairs.

But for some reason I can't paint them...

I talked myself into this one.

It is JUST PAINT! you can paint over it... All the greats do.
Look at your beloved Picasso...
(Blue man with guitar).
There you can see the under-painting...

So I did it.
Jump in with both feet... Ahhhhhhhhh!

it was a dead painting that I didn't like so I had some left over blue
and dug out one of my drawings.

It was very loose and quick and now I am afraid to touch it.
The green is the under painting that I just left alone.

I don't know where to go from here.
I don't know if it is finished or just begining.

So now I think I need to take a class on portrait painting...

be gentile with me - but honest... what do you think of this?
should I listen to that voice saying stick with the trees.........

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