Tuesday, January 12, 2010

week 2: divide the picture

Week 2 was full of distraction. But so it goes.
I still got into the studio.
nothing finished.

I took all of my cut boards to my sister's house this weekend
and we spent the day making backings for them all.
25 in all.
So now I should be able to paint and hang without so much effort.
It took the whole day and I am so grateful for the help.

So for this weeks post, 
I had a painting that I liked and created about a month ago.
Mostly playing with my swirls and the glaze.
but didn't love it.
It was an exploration painting.
Letting myself have those learning projects is hard.
I want everything to be perfect.

So I cut this into quarters - 12" x 12" each
and I am framing them all out to hang in the kitchen.
They will hang in a horizontal space above the table.
I plan to mix them around and play with which direction I think they go...
and they may change depending on my mood
like an arrow pointing
up or down or left or right...

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