Thursday, January 28, 2010

The skethes

drthe otto row of keys are ot workig o y laptop
so this post is a it odd

a fried said that seeig the proess was ery powerful for her 
so here goes

drawigs fro y trip to Washigto D ew York ad oltimore

ok, seems to be back to full keyboard
I like to draw the people on the train.
DC was a better mix than I usually get in my suburban travels.
I try not to get caught but sometimes it happens. 
I tend to look away if they catch me...
just a glance...
but really I am staring at them...

getting kind of intimate actually.
how often do you look at someone?
I mean really look at how their nose and lips and eyes are.

Drawing what you see, not what you think you see.

But these drawings are a mix of that.
Drawing what I think I see because sometimes they catch me and I may not be done.
Trying to keep their face in my head as I make up what I can't look at

So far so good. 
No one has gotten mad at me.

Drawing brings me to the moment.
Focus on the pen and paper and people.
Nothing like it.
Not always good, but as I like to say, my sketchbook is to get the ugly out.
and there are times when it is just my journal (but this isn't about that part)

now I know my proportion isn't right. 
I know these are very stylized, 
and I feel at this point I am allowed. 
I have the many books filled with perfect people and the hours it takes to create them.
These are my people. 
Seen through my eyes and quickly jotted down.
sometimes I get a feeling, sometimes I scratch them out.

do these look familiar? the inspiration for the previous posts.
somehow they lost something in the translation. 
I like the originals better. But moving from a sketch to a project is a big leap for me.

Need to get better at my computer drawing skills. 
Mouse and I don't seem to work as good as pen and paper.
Just don't love not seeing as I am drawing. 
The disconnect of screen and mouse isn't so easy.
Another skill to learn...


on the bus to New York I could see this guy between my seats.
He was reading and never looked up. I had some time to color him in before the lights went down.
while still his proportion isn't perfect, I think I captured a feeling of him?


I love this one.
As Jamie and I sat in the airport, many people across from us stopped and rested. 
Not many stayed long.

but they are forever my people,
this time in the airport is a permanent memory. 
Drawing pulled me into the present and these characters, 
while I will never know their names, 
helped me end a wonderful trip.

this woman, she got her own page.
as she was when she read her book 
she will now live in my book.

I like the simple lines in this one.
as I get further into drawing again 
(a skill anyone can learn if they want it, by the way...)

and finding my mark and my space, 

I get better at picking the good lines 
and leaving the out the ones that don't tell the story. 

That is my work. Choose my line.

Once I get back to remembering how to draw and seeing all the lines 
and putting them where they all go...
once I have done that again, 
I can let the good lines stay and never even drawing the unnecessary ones.

To me, that is what makes an artist different 
maybe that is what they call style, maybe?
I hope to one day do that...

and here is another anonymous friend
traveling with his son
on the flight home

and with much gratitude to all the people who I see in my book. 
thanks for letting me look.


Nancy said...

I'm so glad you posted these! You've got a real knack for capturing character. And it's so great to watch the process. I really wish I coulda gotten a photo or two of the people cause it was really cool to see them and then to see how you interpreted them.

Jamie said...

i don't think you should worry about the proportion. you are capturing a moment and therefore it is perfect.

Jamie said...
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Andrew Finnie said...

your sketches are good. I think they are your strong point so far.