Monday, February 01, 2010

Bird on wire

my birds came back this week
he's been behind all the people and trees waiting...
sad little bird on a wire

this guy is feeling kinda blue
 not sure why - maybe he has the post vacation blues?

But at any rate, this adds to the already many styles of Bina Garry.

my city behind needs some work 
and I feel like I need to add the poles for the wires?

maybe I will update him.

and I did...



Jose said...

Maybe a pole or two on the left side could add to the composition, but it's cool seeing someone experimenting with different styles.

I know I'd like to develop mine further, but at times I just feel stuck within it =P

The textures you used for the bird are nice and I'm liking those clouds you created =)

(I admire those sketches you did of people in the previous post, drawing in public is something I would love to try but haven't built up the courage yet)

b i n a g a r r y said...

thanks... I feel like I have multiple personality because it changes moment to moment...

As for train drawing - it started by staring out the window to drawing other things... then I discovered sunglasses - dark ones...

good luck - love your work.