Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paintings: circles return

each one is 12"x12" acrylic on board
 this is a painting from my class last night. 
I am still working on it...

circles have returned...
when do i know when it's done?
and not just my fear of screwing it up stopping me from messing more

this started out just black and white paint - 
then the goal is to use complimentary colors
mixing the two and using black and white to get new colors.
mixing compliments gets brown,
but the trick is figuring out how much
neutralizing the color needs...

then do it again but reverse it 
glaze and quick free brush strokes.
resisting the urge to clean it up and make it perfect..

I am waiting for the gesso to dry on the next set.

while I was waiting opened up the old sketchbook 
and painted a person from the train

just black and white paint
get the grays by painting over the black with white...
kinda fun...
but still fear the color
just have to do it
ok back to drying...

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