Tuesday, July 06, 2010

doodle ramble trees

I spent some quality time on my week long vacation 
looking at the trees.
I took over 400 photos of trees 
in Wisconsin, 
by the in-law's lake.

It was so beautiful and peaceful and inspirational there. 
It was hard to leave.
Even my daughter was sad to come home.

As I watched the clouds 
and the sky 
and the lake 
and the trees, 
I found myself forgetting all the troubles of the world. 
It was easy to escape them on such a great vacation. 

I got some down time to draw 
and found myself doodling the trees 
and thinking about them in ways I never have before.

The trees pick a good spot and never move. 
They put down roots and live in one spot their entire lives. 
Much like me - I have always lived in Colorado. 
Gladly I can go to other spots and see more than my little view...

Big old trees have seen so many changes in the world. 
Not just the weather or the seasons 
but the buildings 
or the water 
or the people 
come and go through their entire lifetimes. 

lots of trees live longer than people.
They don't ever ask for anything 
but give so much. 

leaves are food for animals,
exercise for people in the fall to rake leaves
piles for kids to play in
look around, how many things in your space are made of wood?
That was a gift from a tree...
They make their own food, 
take only what they need, 
sun and water.
They adapt to what they get -
light rain don't grow too much that year.
There are many lessons to be taken from trees.
I could go on and on. 
like so many artists and poets have

I want to learn to 
be happy with what I have and not just grow but thrive
I want to grow each year of my life, as much as I can.  
be the biggest I can be.

Bend when the wind blows - 
but stand tall and just be what I am born to be.

Which for me is drawing and art. 
Just doing it without expectation of anything more, 
just that it is in me to make things.
Take only what I need 
and give back as much as I can. 
And I hope when my time here is done, 
I can be useful (organ donation ???) 

I feel like I have so much to learn from them. 

enough rambling about trees
on with the drawings.

This doodle has inspired a small series of tree doodles.
Would love to know what you think of it.

pen on paper - 5 x 8.5

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