Sunday, August 15, 2010

ugly bug ball

I realized I never shared this...

a while ago (something like 2 years now) 
I did this little book based on 
the silly kids song "Ugly Bug Ball"

it is all digital artwork
and all rights of the song belong to Disney, 
i just made the drawings :)

I tried to only use CMYK 
(the solid printing process colors- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) 
but the song mentioned a 
"queen in yellow, black and green" 
which I took to mean a queen bee... :) 
and she got green shoes.
Every good queen knows that the shoes match the crown...
and after the caterpiller met his queen more color arrived.

I think this could be more clear in the art, 
but I haven't had the chance to update it.

Need to add color 
and I would love to add my paper texture 
to this to make it more rich... 

anyway, my first children's book illustration! 
on my own :) 

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my work : )

With regards to the copyright, I haven't found a massive amount of info on it either. From the reasearch I have done, and from what I can gather...using fabric in artwork is fine, however if you try to recreate the pattern and reproduce it as your own, that infringes on copyright laws.

I guess if the fabric had a noticeable logo on it, it wouldn't be a great idea to use it...but apart from that, I'm pretty sure its ok.

This forum posting seems to have some interesting points in it if you want to check it out

Sorry for the essay! Hope this helps : )