Saturday, September 18, 2010

Artists I admire

I have been trying to come up with a list of artists I love.
These are in no particular order, just how my brain thought them up...

1. Todd White- cartoonist turned painter
Todd White has such a great style and paints my favorite subject, people. There is something about his work that makes me feel fancy. I want to be around these people who are having such a good time. I have a print of his work and I love it.

2. MC Escher - math geek turned artist
mmm math and art. Who knew these two opposites could come together. I like Escher because he really used geometry to make art. He was very methodical and precise and yet his work has a great personality and tries to get the viewer to think.

3. Mary Blair - illustrator  (Disney)
One of my favorite children's books is "I Can Fly" illustrated by Mary Blair. As soon as I saw it, I had to look her up. I love the joy she brings to the characters and the simplicity of the work. Simple shapes are my favorite.

4. Mary Cassatt - impressionist
Mary Cassatt is known for her family life images of mothers and children. She was one of the few female painters that got credit in her time. I love paintings of people in everyday life. Knowing that she was a woman painting in the mans world, just puts her over the top.

5. Picasso  -painter
the womanizing cubist makes the list because of the shapes and people. Credited for starting the simplification of shape that we all use today, he changed the face of the art world, literally. I also love that he picked a color palette and stuck with it for a while. "Blue Period" being some of my favorite paintings.

6. Charlie Harper - illustrator
LOVE LOVE LOVE his work. If you aren't familiar, check him out. He is the definition of simple shapes. Nature and form in beautiful composition. Someday, i hope to own the giant book of his work.

7. Vincent Van Gogh -
Crazy and prolific, Vincent has a special place in my heart. He is one of the best known artists today, and yet didn't sell a single painting in his very short life. Love his texture and color... and crazy...

8. Marc Chagall -
I love his whimsical happy art work and his color is very powerful. 

9. Jamie Caliri -
This name may not mean anything to many people. If you have ever seen the movie Lemony Snicket, you may recall the ending credits. (I bought this movie for the credits) You can also see them by following this link. The work speaks for itself.

10. Annora Spence -
I have a print of "Boat on a Yellow Sea" in my bedroom. I love this whimsical painting. I think great art can have humor and tell a story.  I never get sick of looking at this painting. I make up stories about what is going on in it. And what is fun is that the stories change with more time and as I look again.

11. Shel Silverstein -
Mr. Silverstein makes this list because I love his words and simple illustration. Shel makes me happy and I have most of his books.

12. Dr. Suess -
He taught me how to read. I love his illustration with odd lands and the animals that live in those places.

I am sure I left some out. But for now this will do.

Edward Marecak - was a Denver artist who made some amazing trees...

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