Monday, September 20, 2010

catch up - non-painting night.

Tonight I got to frame and matte eight pieces of art 
that will hang at Pasquini's in Lone Tree, 
starting this weekend.

I am so excited to be putting art on a wall 
(other than my own). 
it is the first time since college 
proving that anything is possible if you just do it.
Wanting it is not enough, you have to work hard.

The old pieces are moving out...
making room for these new pieces...
The new stuff is still not as refined, 
but sometimes the process is the best part.

 this is mixed media on canvas
(paper, acrylic, ink)
10" x 8"

I stopped off at Good Will on the way home last week.
I got myself a $2 dictionary that I could justify destroying.
I added a page to this painting... it needed a little something.

on the road to this one...

6" x 10" 
acrylic, paper, dictionary, crayon, ink and photo copy on pannel

now I need to make a group of these :)

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