Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sketchbook - for the library...

long time no post 
(at almost a month...geeze...)

gladly it isn't because I haven't been doing art...
I just wanted to wait until I finished my little project.
Some friends and I are working on a book for the 2011 Sketchbook project.
I finished my pages tonight.
The theme is travel...
and I hope we will get to travel to see our little book!

I found that while working on this, I wanted to try new things and play. 
Not just draw, like I usually do in my sketchbooks. 
It was a really fun project!

My pages are based on my trip to Wisconsin this summer.
I used drawings and photos from the trip to create...

pen and water color crayons


mixed media 
photo copy, tape, pen, acrylic paint 
(I think that is all...)

mixed media
map, tape, pen, acrylic

pen and paint and photographs

pen and acrylic

photo. pen and paint

pen and photos

pen... and not my best work, but it's a sketchbook...

pen and paper and paint


pen and photo

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