Monday, January 24, 2011


apparently the gremlins in my life
like to all get together
and come out all at once.
and they really like winter months.

I read a little story about gremlins -
you know the ones, the voices in your head telling you
all the bad things you are doing wrong in your life...
and sometimes they are louder than others.

I think I must really love my gremlins
because they have had all the attention lately.
and so nothing has been getting done.
I am so tired of them. 

I read that if you give them a face, that can help.
So in my favorite tool, I doodled one tonight.
I think s/he is beautiful.
I haven't decided gender -
because sometimes it is both...

but what you can't see is that under those kind eyes...
is just MEANness.
more like this:

things I wouldn't even think of anyone else in the world - this gremlin calls me...
tells me I am worthless
tells me I can't do anything

If I have been a bad friend lately, I am so sorry.
There has been much going on in my head...

so I am breaking up with my gremlin -
giving s/he some time to just be.
and let's see how that goes.
Hope it will mean more work on the art and more blogging.

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