Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new collage trees with dictionary pages

I have been messing around with these for a while - 
trying to just make stuff - not judge it - just do it...
they are at a spot to show, done?
unknown for now - 

they aren't signed so that maybe a sign they aren't complete

but in an attempt to keep moving forward, 
sometimes you have to stop
take note 
and move on.

each is 6" x 6" square
mixed media on board

 orange tree 1
6" x 6" 
mixed media on board

 orange tree2
6" x 6" 
mixed media on board

6" x 6"
mixed media on board

1 comment:

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

They are beautiful. I especially like the ones with the book pages, the texture of the pages works really well with the blues and the simlpicity of the shapes. Thank you for sharing.