Thursday, December 29, 2011


This tree evolved tonight. I found my motivation, Its been hiding in the basement all this time, waiting for me to find my way downstairs. No particular plan. Sitting down to paint without a plan is pretty rare for me. I am a planner... Started out red and yellow and evolved to blues and browns... Interesting how that keeps happening.

It is big for me, at about 18 x 24...
Circles and trees, still have more in me.

Its a Winter tree I think.... I wish I could bottle the motivatn to paint and uncork it every time I hear those voices that tell me I can't. If I don't who will? I know it isnt great high art, but I wish that I could find a way to paint to see if I could get to high art... No one is going to do that for me, so I have to get busy in the time I have to see if I can. Here's hoping for a new year full of new paintings and maybe something to come of it...

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