Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gratitude - 35 things I am grateful for today


I am grateful for:

  1. … my Family and Friends - they are always first and most important on my gratitude list- each and every one of the people in my life could make the list and there would be no room for all the other things - so consider this the list of all the people past and present that have touched my life. I am so grateful and would not be the person I am today without all of the people in my life - this means you… really - thanks for all the help support challenge and love - I am so grateful ...
  1. ... Chocolate - darker the better
  1. … Coffee - especially that found in Paris France - I don't know what they do, but it is the best coffee I have ever had
  1. … Yoga - it has come back into my life and I am so grateful to have found it again
  1. … Happiness as found in a funny remark made by a certain 4 year old that is to be named in #1
  2. ...Silliness songs and other creative outlets - see #5
  3. ...Painting - I am all over the place with style and content, but it gives me something bigger than me to work on. I hope I continue even when it seems futile.
  1. ...Teaching painting classes - feels like coming home and I love every second of it.
  1. ...A new job in 2011 - coordinating software testing at Exempla - it is a relief to have a job with some security - even if life has no guarantees, it is nice to know I don't worry about layoffs in the same way as before
  1. … iPad - amazed at how much I use this thing… for movies, email, books, life…
  1. ...Cell phones - it is nice to be able to call someone when I think of it and not have to think of it when I am by the phone.
  2. ...Trip to Paris - this year I finally took my mom on our trip. It was amazing and I have the travel bug like never before. I must get to Italy… maybe in 2013…
  3. ...selling my first painting to a stranger - and then she commissioned another and then I got another commission from a friend - I hope it is the beginning of something more to come!
  4. … Camping trips - we only made it out 1 time this last summer - but had a great time with friends that are like family :)
  5. ...our Family stay-cation in Colorado springs - we had a family trip and got in a bunch of things in our own back yard. The Colorado springs zoo is the best!
  1. … A Quick Chicago trip - our friend got married and we had the pleasure of going to the wedding - had a great time catching up with old friends.
  1. … a Gunnison weekend - made it back to college town for a quick girl trip. I love that town and enjoyed that little flash back. Campus has changed so much! Mira said she wants to move to the mountains!
  1. ...Curling League - is a blast and we almost won the championship last winter. So much fun playing a game I never thought I would play much less enjoy so much.
  1. ...Groupon glass classes - made some glass beads - and a necklace - added a new medium to the art check list.
  1. ...Husbands day job - no more nights and weekends working for the restaurant biz. He has an hourly income with benefits and lots of perks and loves his job.
  1. … Books on CD/ audio books - to listen to on the way to work. The stories make me glad to go to work even on high traffic days!
  2. ...Studio space - a space to have to make art is a great thing and helps me get to my work
  3. ... a great daycare place - for my kid - she loves school and the group is really good for her to be among kids and so close to home
  1. ...Nuvi the GPS - this has changed my life - I get lost much less…
  1. ...a window in my office - I am not alone in a window office, but the fact that I have natural light all day is a huge thing to be grateful for
  2. ...Candles - that make my house smell nice
  3. ...Water bottles with straws that help me drink more water.
  4. ...Cuties - tiny oranges that are easy to peel… isn't genetically engineered food fun…?
  5. ...$1 drinks from McDonalds - I know but for a break from my work and to go get an ice tea for only $1 it sure makes a nice cheap way to get away…
  6. ...Bucket lists - to mark off all the dreams we have and to have dreams we didn't even know we had until we wrote them down
  7. ...Art shows in 2011 - I have art hanging in a public place for sale as I write - I also had art in another shop this year - and the one at west Elm that actually lead to a sale and a commission - art hanging on walls in public spaces is worthy of a bullet point in a list of things to be grateful for…
  8. ...Colorado - I love where I live - I drive along the foot hills to work every day and I feel like I live in a painting. The sun sets and the clouds turn into colorful painted moving blobs… or something poetic…  It is beautiful here - from the hot days of summer to the snowy days of winter.
  9. ...Being close to family - this may seem like cheating - since #1 is everyone in my life - but this is more specific than that. As I go through life - family is such a mixed bag - some are close - some are tolerated but I am a very very lucky girl that my family is both close and I genuinely like them and I think they like me.  I would choose to hang out with them… and that, I find to be rather rare in this world.
  10. ...Food - I know this seem obvious.  But if you really think about it, having the food that we have - good/bad depending on the day… leaves us time for things like working in an office, playing with our kids, and painting. If all your time is spent growing killing and preparing, there isn't time for all the other things in life.
  1. ...a wanting to... or the drive, motivation or call to action that has grown in me in the past year. I have been doodling around with art for many years but something is differnt in me since my trip. I want to paint and do more than just hang art in my house or give it to family. I want to make a living doing what I love and help bring joy into people's lives by making art and sharing what i see. I feel like this is what I am supposed to do and have never felt that before.

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