“May your walls know joy;
May every room hold laughter
and every window open to great possibility,”
~by MRH.

From funny little birds to circle trees,
we all need more joy on our walls and in our lives.

Gina Barry Harris holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design.  She lives, and loves, in tree filled Denver Colorado. To pay the bills, Gina has found a career testing computer software. After her daughter is in bed and husband is engrossed in t.v., she escapes to her basement studio to create something she had in a dream or doodled in a meeting. Painting has become more than a hobby; it is her passion, her therapy and her joyful wall coverings. Today the focus of her work tends to be trees, circles and funny little birds. She is still figuring out her "style" and continues to push the boundary of what she considers good painting (meaning she doesn’t paint over it…). 

Gina loves learning something new every time she sits down to paint. She is inspired by a variety of artists from Van Gogh and his thick moody paintings, to Charlie Harper and his graphical animal illustration, to Picasso and his variety of styles and directions. Gina doesn’t like to do the same thing twice, so creating a style has proven a bit of a challenge. The arrival of her daughter --now 5 years old-- has driven Gina to find more time for her passion and to create art. Gina wants to show her daughter that she can do anything she puts her mind to, even if it isn't in the conventional way. 

Contact Gina Barry Harris at binagarry@gmail.com.

Recent Work
2011-2012:    Art for sale and teaching art classes Art on the Brix - Golden, CO
2012:             Art Showing - west elm: Cherry Creek, CO - July 4 weekend
2011:             Art Showing - west elm: Cherry Creek, CO - July 4 weekend
2011:             Art Showing - Pasquini's in Highlands Ranch
2011:             Art for sale - Naturally Loved in Stapleton, CO
2010:             LoDo Aglow - People's Choice award: Great Western Bank
2010:             Denver Magazine - June, "The State of Education" illustration
2010:             Scribble Project - train car illustration
2009:             LoDo Aglow - Great Western Bank holiday window display
2008:             Illustration Friday - Pick of the Week
2006-2007:    Senior Market Advisor - monthly illustration
2006:             Silver Plume - vending machine illustration
2005:             Corvest - gas station illustration